Energy Tech participates in a small-school athletic league for flag football, rugby, and basketball. Students at our school also may participate in an intramural soccer league, and we plan to add additional clubs and sports as the school grows. In 2015, we plan to offer running and baseball clubs. Teachers also run cheerleading and dance after-school programs. Students enjoy the camaraderie and healthy competition of these leagues, which often include weekend tournaments and other special events. There are a lot of opportunities at Energy Tech to stay active—even spirited after-school table tennis matches!

For more information about Morning Sports, please contact Ms. Joyce at, Ms. Owens at, or Mr. Petrocelli at

For more information about PSAL sports requirements/policies, physical education, or any other fitness initiatives (e.g. after school yoga) please contact Ms. Joyce at

Running Club takes place throughout the school year. Participants collaborate with NYRR Youth Running Club staff, and compete in a variety of events. For more information, please contact Ms. Joyce at

PSAL Basketball (co-ed): Ms. Owens,

PSAL Handball (co-ed): Mr. Petrocelli,

PSAL Cross-Country (co-ed): Mr. Petrocelli,


Prospective Students & Families: Attend an open house event!

October 2nd 5-7pm
October 15th 5-7pm
October 29th 5-7pm
November 5th 10am - 12pm
November 13th 5-7pm
November 20th 5-7pm
December 3rd 5-7pm

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