Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about Energy Tech?

Energy Tech is different because it follows the 9-14 model, which means that students have the opportunity to earn a free associates degree through LaGuardia Community College as well as their high school diploma. We are also partnered with two major utility companies, Con Edison and National Grid, so that students have opportunities to become career-ready through unique opportunities like field visits, job shadowing, mentoring, internships and more. Energy Tech is also a safe school environment where students will be pushed to do their best and held to high standards of work. 

What after-school activities do you have?

A lot! We have a lot of clubs and activities that students enjoy on a weekly basis. Some of your choices are Green Team, Community Service Club, Anime and Manga Club, Computer Programming and Coding Club, Shakespeare Festival, Music Appreciation Club, Student Government, Robotics, and a range of sports and fitness activities. If you are interested in starting a new activity, there are opportunities to do that, too.

Also, if you need help with your homework or would like support with your classes, our teachers are always available for tutoring.

Does Energy Tech have any sports teams?

Yes! We have a co-ed cross-country running team that competes in meets throughout the fall. Our basketball team works very hard during the winter to get ready for their games, and our cheerleading/dance team works out together and performs at matches. Our soccer superstars compete every Friday for the majority of the school year. In the spring, our handball team practices across the street from our school and competes all over Queens. We also have morning basketball, rugby, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball. There is an after school yoga club, as well. As we grow, we continue to add more sports teams and club activities.

When do I take college classes?

Students at Energy Tech High School may begin taking classes as early as tenth grade. Sometimes these classes are held after school, some are at the beginning of the day, and some are during the regular school day. More information about this is provided at annual college orientations.

What do I need to do to take a college class?

Energy Tech uses a variety of measures to determine when students are prepared for college coursework – including CUNY benchmark scores on Regents examinations. In general, we encourage all students to strive for an 80% or higher on these exams and in their classes.  More information about these courses and requirements is provided as students advance through our program.

Where are the college classes held?

College classes may be held in our lecture hall on the Energy Tech campus or on the LaGuardia Community College Campus. Students receive MetroCards and college ID cards for courses taken at the college campus.

What if I don’t want to stay for 6 years?

It’s always nice to have options. Students are not required to stay at Energy Tech beyond the time it takes to earn their high school diploma, but are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of the exceptional opportunities that they will be offered through the 6-year program. 


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